Our Story

On a mission to empower you with your unique career story

Have you ever felt like your dreams were too big to pursue?

We understand. We’ve been there. But we also know that anything is possible with the right guidance and a captivating career story.

Your career story is unique. It’s a reflection of your unique abilities, strengths, experiences, and everything that makes you a valuable asset.

Your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn presence, interview experience, and professional skills are the foundation of your career success.  How each tells the story of your work experiences, character, work ethic, and potential makes all the difference.

We know discovering and telling your career story can be challenging. That’s why we built Careerpath — to help people like you discover, craft, and tell your career story in a way that’s both compelling and authentic, opening doors to opportunities you may never have thought possible.

We help you discover and write your career story.

To make you stand out in the job market and help you confidently navigate your career path – be it resumes, cover letters, interviews, or professional life.

As unique as you are. No copy-paste.

No two persons nor two jobs are alike. A copy-pasted work can not set you apart. That’s why we work with you one-on-one to let your story reflect what you’re capable of.

Over 10 years of experience.

With our vast experience in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC job markets, we are experts in creating resumes and helping build interview skills that impress employers in this region.

Careerpath is where you grow – every step of the way.


Resume Packages

Make a solid first impression on recruiters.

Tired of not getting callbacks? Struggling to create an impactful resume?

Like your unique story, talent, and experiences, your resume must be tailored to your desired job. A generic CV fails to impress.

Our experts work with you one-on-one to delve deep into your story and craft a compelling resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn presence that helps you secure interviews.

How it works?

We work with you at every step to deliver the best.

One-on-one call

With our resume-writing experts to understand you, your history, your goals, and your specific needs.

Tailored & optimized drafts

You receive your custom resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn. These will be keyword-optimized, tailored to the job, and in formats friendly to the ATS systems.

Crafted to perfection & your satisfaction

Our experts run the created draft through you, make edits if needed, and finalize the draft to your satisfaction and maximum impact.


With a professionally-written resume that puts you in the spotlight.
  • 45 minutes 1-on-1 consultation session with a professional writer
  • ATS-friendly and keywords-optimized resume
  • Customized resume for your target job-role
  • Personalized draft review with 2 rounds of edits
  • Ready within 7-10 days
  • 72-hour rush option available


With an expert-crafted resume and cover letter that grabs the attention of recruiters.
  • 45 minutes 1-on-1 consultation session with a professional writer
  • ATS-friendly and keywords-optimized resume
  • Customized cover letter for your target job-role
  • Personalized draft review with 2 rounds of edits
  • Ready within 7-10 days
  • 72-hour rush option available


Interview Mastery

Land your dream job with confidence.

Stressing about your next interview? Not sure how to give your best? Want to overcome fumbling or blacking out during interviews?

The interview can be the most nerve-wracking part of the job search, but it is a golden chance to make a long-lasting impact. Confidently nail your interviews with one-on-one training sessions by our experts.

  • 2 sessions of 45 minutes each to polish your interview skills and learn the language of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • 1st Session: Custom action plan to prepare yourself for the interview. based on thoroughly understanding your strengths, weaknesses, fears, etc.
  • 2nd Session: Mock interview with immediate feedback.
  • Understand different interview answering methods and how to use them
  • Guidance on how to respond to different types of interview questions through Careerpath methods (based on the STAR method and CARL method). This includes core questions, behavioral questions, situational questions, role play, and much more.
  • Tips for pre-interview and post-interview etiquette.
  • Only for AED 699

Professional Mentoring

Navigate your professional life with ease. Harness your full potential.

Struggle with negotiating your salary? Feeling lost in your job search? Stuck in a job you don’t love? Hesitant to ask for a raise or promotion?

Get expert advice to sail through your professional life smoothly, no matter the situation.

45 minutes session with an expert covering topics as per your needs:

  • Career exploration and decision-making: Helping you identify your strengths, interests, values, and goals so you can make informed decisions about your career path.
  • Job search strategies: Aiding you in identifying job opportunities, developing effective networking strategies, and utilizing online job search tools.
  • Career transitions: Guiding and supporting your transition to a new career, industry, or job role.
  • Salary negotiation: Empowering you to negotiate a fair and competitive salary and benefits package while meeting a market salary range.
  • Leadership development: Honing your leadership skills, including effective communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution.
  • Navigating the corporate environment and difficult situations: Helping you deal with challenging managers or co-workers, the complexities of company politics, and conflicts. Equipping you with effective strategies to overcome strategies while achieving your goals and advancing your career.
  • Only for AED 499

Your Story

Here’s how we’ve helped dreamers like you discover their potential and turn their career aspirations into reality.


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